Purpose and strategy

  • How do we have to develop strategically in order to remain competitive?
  • How do we develop a corporate purpose that clearly positions the company externally and provides a strong identity internally?
  • How do we shape strategy and business models in a co-created process that resonates with employees and leaders?
  • How do people experience self-efficacy, identify with their actions, and work together meaningfully, confidently and successfully?

If the "why" is anchored in the structures and in everyday activities, the work is perceived as meaningful. The willingness to get involved increases so that the organisation can develop its full potential.

Transformation support

  • How do we find the change architecture that is right for us, and that pays attention to the goals of our business transformation?
  • How do we mobilise and empower the organisation within the framework of the transformation?
  • How can leadership principles be derived from the transformation that become visible in concrete action?
  • What makes the change necessary right now and how is it explained so that it resonates?

We always keep the whole picture in mind and work simultaneously on all three levels: individual, team and organisation. In this way, we integrate the reciprocal dynamics for sustainable transformation.

Cultural change

  • How does a sustainable cultural change emerge in resonance with the entire organisation?
  • Which mental models do we have to overcome and which may emerge anew so that the customer is at the centre of our actions?
  • How can cultural change be measured and results validated?
  • How do individuals, teams and business units communicate and interact without silos, trustfully, fearlessly and fruitfully?

We understand corporate culture as an internal organisational value system that is lived and experienced in daily work processes: a question of attitude that provides structure, reliability and security.

Leadership empowerment

  • What mental and emotional skills do we need to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing work environment and to cultivate resilience?
  • How can we implement a leadership development programme as an integral part of the transformation process?
  • How can we enable our leaders to accompany their employees through the change process in the best possible way?
  • Do the leaders relate to and reflect on themselves in such a way that others also engage with them and follow them?

Leadership is crucial in change processes. The greatest multipliers in companies are the leaders. Goldfarb supports the competence development of your company with tailor-made interventions that are compatible with your specific leadership context.

The spectrum is as diverse as our clients, and includes: “mindful leadership journeys”, lasting several months; empowerment in agile ways of working; leading people and “new work”; and the design of learning spaces to promote resilience and emotional intelligence – we support you with the necessary guidance.

Organisational and team development

  • How can we develop the quality of human relationships to create the best conditions for high-performance teams?
  • What organisational and decision-making structures do we need to make good decisions?
  • How can we achieve a top team alignment that constructively shapes change and does not hide behind the walls of departmental silos?
  • How can we become more confident in dealing with uncertainty so that we do not take refuge in pseudo-certainties?

We always look at the organisation, the team and the individual as a systemic whole with mutual interdependencies. Change must involve all levels and starts with oneself.


We work together and on an equal footing with our clients; our coaching approach offers a space in which we discover and examine new perspectives. The aim is to feel the power of a change of perspective and to gradually integrate it into action.

Goldfarb explores with you the space between stimulus and reaction in order to invalidate the unconscious behaviours that are unhelpful, and to discover personal resources that can lead to new options for action.

We work in a resource- and solution-oriented way. Together we look at your current challenges. Our approach is universal: for the newly appointed board member in the 100-day programme, for those responsible for change projects reflecting on their own behavioural patterns, or for those exploring their own personal questioning within a protected framework.

Coach David Goldfarb

Resonance comes from exchange

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