Resonance means
emotional connection

Whether transformation succeeds is determined in particular by how people communicate with each other, act and commit to common goals. If rationality and emotion are in good balance, a first step towards change has been taken:

listening to instead of passive listening, transparency instead of secrecy, openness instead of self-centredness, trust instead of reservations and curiosity instead of indifference form the basis for people to identify with their organisation and engage in change.

With over 20 years of experience in business transformation and leadership, Goldfarb combines the high demands of leading in dynamic times with professional and emotional competence.

Resonance is not a sure-fire success

The key is to create resonance at all levels of the organisation and its people. Resonance is not created with a ready-made kit and not with a guarantee certificate. Instead, together with our clients, we design the context and conditions in which resonant relationships can develop and become established.

When this succeeds, powerful organisations emerge in which resonance is evident on four levels:

  • They enable people to get in touch with themselves on an individual level. Self-efficacy can be experienced, which is meaningful. Potentials and abilities can unfold.
  • Their actions create a quality of relationship in the team and in the leadership context that is characterised by openness, clarity, appreciation and courage.
  • Their corporate architecture is characterised by connectable structures and processes. These provide a framework for meaningful action in which the corporate purpose can be experienced.
  • Their purpose speaks to both members of the organization and its customers, with marketable products and a visible contribution to society.

How can you recognise resonant organisations?

Resonant organisations radiate the certainty that you can rely on them and trust them. They convey the strong feeling that they are aware of and value their counterparts – whether customers, partners or employees.

We accompany you as a professional partner on your path of change. Meaning and self-efficacy become tangible. Your organisation will develop into an adaptable workshop to shape the future.

Encounter on eye level

We look forward to meeting you. Resonance comes from exchange. Write us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to take the time to get to know you.

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